About TalentPro

TalentPro Consulting is a full service Technical recruiting firm that connects top-notch technical personnel with employers around the United States.

With 25 years of recruiting, training and business development in the technical field of IT & Engineering, our team has a great track record for attracting hard-to-find candidates for large and small companies.

We specialize in recruiting for Avionics, Aerospace-Defense, Information Technology, Medical Device, Product Engineering and Manufacturing companies. Whether you’re an employer or a job-seeker, you can count on our skilled team and decades of industry experience to meet–and surpass–your placement needs.

Staff Bios

  1. Timothy Mahaney: Founder and CEO

    Tim Mahaney of Talent Pro Consulting
    “I have been in the technical field for almost 30 years now and I get great fulfillment out of knowing that TalentPro has helped hundreds of Clients find excellent talent to meet their project goals, at the same time helping candidates achieve their career goals by finding their perfect job!”
  2. Michael Turnipseed: Senior Account Manager

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    “I have been an Account Manager/Recruiter for more than thirteen years. Working at TalentPro has been a very rewarding experience, both from our internal staff, and from the relationships I have developed with clients and candidates throughout my recruiting career.”
  3. Cynthia Higgins: Senior Account Manager

    Cynthia Higgins of Talent Pro Consulting
    Skype Me™! “My aim in my business relationships is to make your hiring process easier, by be consistently respectful, listen carefully, work diligently, and sharing in the satisfaction of a job well done. I know your time is valuable so I will assist you with capturing the job requirements, provide 2-3 pre-screened qualified candidates, and facilitating and following up at all stages of the process.”
  4. Eric Anderson: Senior Account Manager

    Eric Anderson of Talent Pro Consulting
    “I love working in this field because technology empowers people and it’s an added plus to match companies with a need and people who can fulfill that need.”
  5. Molly Cassens, Senior Technical Recruiter

    Molly Cassens of Talent Pro Consulting
    “I have been recruiting for 10 years. I love connecting the right person with the right job. I also enjoy getting to know the Hiring Managers and HR professionals I work with on a daily basis. We become a team to help find the perfect person they have been waiting for to fill their open positions. “
  6. Leah Waller: Technical Recruiter

    Leah Waller of Talent Pro Consulting
    “I love the process of working with each individual candidate. I enjoy learning specific desires, ideas and dreams people have for their workplace and then making them a reality. I smile each night when I fall asleep knowing that I have made a difference is someone else’s life. Knowing that I helped them move forward in their career, opened up new and exciting skills, helped increase their salary or even something as simple as getting them back in the job market. I love my job, it is extremely rewarding!.”

Candidate Testimonials:

"The people at TalentPro are very professional and straightforward -- no hysterics or dilly-dallying. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Dan Wozniak

"I appreciate the assistance given to me during my placement. TalentPro has always been ready to answer my questions and accommodate my requests. Working with TalentPro has been a very positive experience. Thank you!"

Ibu Akinyeni

“Working for TalentPro has been a positive experience. Any HR issues and questions, such as employment forms and setting up a 401K, were quickly addressed and resolved. The members of the hiring/work team are accessible and promptly respond to messages.”

Angel Okrah

What Our Clients Have to Say

“It’s a joy working with TalentPro, they send me good quality candidates and we never had any problems.”

Ron McCrimmon, Product Manager
ICI Automotive

“They have made my job easier. Very prompt and responsive to our needs, gets resumes to us quickly.”

Sherry Hall, HR Manager Sterling Software

“TalentPro is very responsive and works quickly to fulfill our needs!”

Bob Haag, Engineering Manager Rockwell Avionics