Leah Waller: Technical Recruiter

Leah Waller of Talent Pro Consulting
“I love the process of working with each individual candidate. I enjoy learning specific desires, ideas and dreams people have for their workplace and then making them a reality. I smile each night when I fall asleep knowing that I have made a difference is someone else’s life. Knowing that I helped them move forward in their career, opened up new and exciting skills, helped increase their salary or even something as simple as getting them back in the job market. I love my job, it is extremely rewarding!.”

What Our Clients Have to Say

“They have made my job easier. Very prompt and responsive to our needs, gets resumes to us quickly.”

Sherry Hall, HR Manager Sterling Software

Candidate Testimonial

"I appreciate the assistance given to me during my placement. TalentPro has always been ready to answer my questions and accommodate my requests. Working with TalentPro has been a very positive experience. Thank you!"

Ibu Akinyeni